Temple Christian University

About Us

We are a network of constituent Seminaries, Colleges and Bible Institutes devoted to producing World Changing Leaders.

0ur Vision is a better world Led by Enlightened, Equipped and Divinely Inspired, Successful Leaders who Lead by their Walk rather than Talk.

Our Mission is  to Change the World by developing "A New Generation of Effective Christian Leaders". 2 Timothy 2:2 - Ephesians 4:12

At TCU you will:

  • Integrate your Learning Schedule with your Life Schedule

  • Earn your degree from a Trusted Christian University

  •  Join a Christian Learning Community that is Truly Committed to You and your Success  

Some of TCU's recognition and professional affiliations include:

  • Florida State Department of Education - Commission for Independent Education (CIE) 
  • Knowledge Elements Education Network (KEEN)  Current KE Partners. 
  • Men At The Cross "Operation Timothy" EMPOWERING MEN TO REACH MEN
  • Princeton-Stanford-U of Michigan-U of Pennsylvania  - COURSERA
  • Association of Christian Distance Education - ACCESS

Temple Christian University
(904) 351-6828
6415 N. Pearl Street
Jacksonville, FL 32208

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